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What To Expect During 1st Visit

Every effort is made to ensure that you are comfortable and well informed throughout your visit. The first appointment lasts for approx. 1  hour and allows time to:

  • Listen and ask questions; about your complaint, your general health, lifestyle habits, medical care you have/are receiving, medication you are taking, and record this in your case notes (the information you provide will be confidential).

  • Assessment of how your body works mechanically and physiologically to see how this may be contributing to your problem. 

  • Form an Osteopathic diagnosis; based on our discussions and the physical assessments.

  • Treatment will follow assessment and Osteopathic diagnosis.  There is no need to disrobe, however it is beneficial for the patient and the practitioner if one is to wear loose fitting clothes so that the assessment and treatment process is not limited by restrictive clothing. 

  • Practitioners of Osteopathy strive to have a strong effect on the anatomical structures of the body so that the physiology of the body can operate without obstruction. The results of proper Osteopathic treatment can be curative, preventative, and/or palliative.

We look at the body in health as meaning perfection and harmony, not in one part, but in the whole.                               -A. T. Still  DO,MD

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The premise of Osteopathy is to use gentle body work to facilitate the bodies own healing capacity (how mother nature intended). I will work very hard to make treatment as painless as possible, but you may experience some discomfort during and after treatment. 

"To find health should be the object of the doctor. Anyone can find disease." -Dr. Andrew Taylor Still, DO, MD

  • A variety of musculoskeletal dysfunctions such as muscle, back and neck pain, sprains, strains, sports related injuries, work related repetitive strain injuries, disc herniations and bulges, nerve impingements, Sciatica, Tendonitis, Bursitis, Adhesive Capsulitis (frozen shoulder), Medial Epicondylitis (golfers elbow), Lateral Epicondylitis (tennis elbow) and stress related injuries.

  • Through Osteopathic Manual Therapy, people have gained relief from severe and debilitating conditions. Some of which include, concussions, migraines, insomnia, dysmenhorrea, pelvic pain syndrome, chronic fatigue syndromes, vertigo, nausea, constipation, IBS, reduced lung capacity, poor circulation and edema.

  • Please note that we do not make any medical diagnosis or treat any condition/disease but rather we focus on treating the patient who is suffer from such ailments.

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